Saturday, August 3

Samsung galaxy 3 procedures to connect with T.V for view astonishing graphics on bigger screen is the same as connect Samsung galaxy s2 to T.V. Why a mostly user wants to connect that to big screen? Can you play games after via connecting on it? Didn’t any harmful procedure? Recently announced S4 has some great feature relates to update android version, processor speed and much more typical graphical sensor setting, which you never seen and experience before any android smart device.

The procedure of connecting S4 to T.V is also same as it, S2 or S3, just the difference between it “Connecting cable”

Things To avoid During Connecting S3 to T.V

Although there is a simple trick, but you can’t forgot some critical point during connecting like;

• Don’t leave connecting port loose at both ends
• Use original cable separate for every galaxy Mobile
• Don’t attach external audio device for increase sound
• Turn on your device after connecting it perfectly
• Never turn on FM transmitter during connecting on after turn on T.V

So I already talk about the procedure of connecting S3 to T.V in the mentioned link above in this paragraph. Enjoy films, songs, and other much more fun on big LCD screen.


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