Sunday, July 7

Twitter is one of the very top social media platforms to use for marketing online. Since Twitter Tweets carry weight in Google's ranking practices, you really need to use the platform. In order to help make money blogging, you need to look into different ways on how to promote you

Take Advantage of Various Twitter Tools

There are plenty of tools available to help promote your blog on Twitter. There are various tools for automatically following followers (like Twollow), managing lists (like Twitter Karma), and targeting keywords (like TweetGrid). Although some tools are free, you will have to spend money on others to get the most use.

I find that a very simple way of promoting your blog on Twitter is to first use the search box to find out what others are saying about a particular keyword (or even about your blog). With the basic information in hand, you will know what hashtags to add to your Tweets in order to reach the right audience. If you are feeling particularly sneaky, you can also use keywords and hashtags to uncover what people are saying about your competition. Knowing what you're up against will surely work in your favor in the long run. However, just make sure to be respectful.

In order to ride the wave, you should also watch the “Trends” list that appears to the left of the Twitter news feed. If you are especially quick, you will be able to get your posts out to an even broader audience in clever ways. I also like the fact that you can change the settings in order to see what's trending in other countries as well, so it's particularly helpful for targeting an international audience.


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