Tuesday, June 18

Download Whatsapp messenger for N70, N90, 305, 5230,205,309,310,311,205,202,203 and Nokia Asha 200 and Lumia series Full Version free from official store. Let free your hand by texting and save your time and money. One of the most popular symbian applications ever, that’s demand every user after purchasing any Nokia version.

Why you are spending money on this stuff, when free source available for you, no matter where you are, just required internet connection for operating this. Why you are waiting late night mobile phones packages or other paid stuff, when whatsapp gives you free swim over the oceans.

Whatsapp Messenger on Nokia Asha 200 and 5230

Not only you can download this version on Asha 200 or 5230, but this latest version tends to compatible with all other Nokia version. You can also download this version on latest Nokia Lumia series.

IOS vs Android

IOS user has to pay 0.99cent for this application, but it’s also free on android compatible devices.

Features of Whatsapp Messenger

In this version many premade away notes already installed like, I’m busy right now, I will talk to you later, I’m feeling lonely and much more common use sentence etc.

After downloading this application, it will automatically scan your friends via facebook source, or other your personal contact list and send them invitation for acceptance. You can also hold or stop for any particular family member or friends.

It’s a free source of international communication, if you are comparing this against Skype than mostly users recommend whatsapp for more users friendly and entertaining. You can change your photo through photo editor mode and also background via sending texting.

Chat Editing Mode

There is some mode which you can utilize to make your own chat room, by changing background texture variation according to chat topic.

Automatically Save Images or Videos

Ability to save automatically any sharing images or video in to own box, although you remove it from chatting section but you can still view or watch through it.

No More Text

You can send direct any clip, image or contact details by pressing Enter tab; don’t need to tip for any particular detail.

I’m sure after downloading whatsapp Messenger on Nokia Asha 200 your monthly budget would be reduce at big different from last month.


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