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Every webmaster struggle after the change of Google algorithm panda to penguin. Some says this is the end of seo or time to go home. This updates effects thousands of running websites on Google search engine. Now what they do? Is this is the end of seo or something new technique in seo process?

Now in this post I will tell you brief about how you can overcome thee penalties (panda or penguin) effectively? You almost recover your site 80% after reviewing Tips to Recover from Google Panda And Penguin penalty.

First of all don’t go with same old techniques of seo, like putting more and more links. Time to come is restructured whole building again with some new arms or weapons. If you are lacking of these weapons, than get out in this tricky field.

Things to Remember for Some Tips to Recover from Google Panda And Penguin

Here are some things to remember, if you star any new project of seo and want to stand away from these regular updates by Google.

Google Loves Branding

Branding is the foremost factor in your whole campaign. What is branding and how it will impact on these penalties? Google try to focus more on branding sites after penguin,so let’s start with branding. Some social media sites like facebook, twitter, pinetrest, Google plus help you to strong branding of your site URL.Make a page in these social media platform and regularly add some links ,not only your site, but emphasize on other sites related to your topic.Manage the ration between 70 to 30.Also add some social media links in your sites that point to your particular page.

Keyword Optimization

Don’t go only with primary or secondary keywords. If your select some particular heavy keyword like (motorcycle helmets, diamond rings, best android tablets),if you go with it with only two keywords than you are going in the mouth of penguin by over optimized penalty. So What to do ?If you select some medium or low competition keyword than go for it with primary or secondary otherwise make 3 to 4 different keywords point out one particular URL.

Buying Or Footer Backlinks

Very important Tips to Recover from Google Panda And Penguin penalty. Don’t go with these pretty old fashion seo techniques, you can just increase your page rank, but not ranking and after these penalties buying or footer links techniques has been come to an end. But still many big sites use footer link for increase site worth or page rank. So why Google penguin don’t grasp in these site? Is Google algorithm is change for these heavy Alexa sites?

Actually focus on these footer links again. Those sites who try to link over their particular keywords must be hang by these penalties, mostly big site try to put footer links like that (Tech&Fun, My Blog, Tablets, Umair, Gold price in the market) this is not harmful technique according to keyword optimization, because single word is not a keyword, but you shouldn't only focus one particular word if you target to add footer links more than few sites.

Best Footer Links Technique

Try to Put only Naked URL in footer like

Some branding Keyword like Google, T3, Mashable,this one called Hybrid keyword branding technique.

Try to Add universal Anchor like (visit here, click the link, Click here)

Tips to recovery from Panda or Penguin

So if you hit by of these penalties so, your foremost step is to stop all running seo techniques, I mean backlinking,remove backlinks in all spamming forums,or article directories if you used spin content.Time to rebuild the structure again in a proper way.

After remove spin content in your site or remove optimized backlinks,focus on site branding,use only highly quality sites for backlinking like ezinearticles,pr log, hub pages, squidoo or guest blogging,If you have blog than get guest blogger to your site for regular updates on Google search engine.

Add a page of contact us, privacy policy and write us along with your site pages.

Insert social media gadget in it

How to Reconsideration to webmaster tool

Submit your site in popular review site like or some popular web directories like yelp or do for it white pages.

Before sending mail to webmaster, make sure your site is ready for that, I mean you remove all spamming backlinks,than remove also all errors from webmaster tool. ,than click on this after solving all above issues after hit by Google panda or penguin. That’s not an end keep firm hands of Techlido for more about Google Panda And Penguin penalty recovery tips.


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