Friday, March 8

Are you using Samsung galaxyH-i747 galaxy model? Now finally XDA developer find out, how you can Jelly Bean 4.1.1 based Jedi Invasion custom ROM firmware on galaxy S3 AT&T.Mostly people doesn’t know about the benefits of this Rom, but after experience and review about it they installed it instantly in GS3 device without more time wasting. Android developers continuously make the most efficient handset for user.

You can use it with supersue, after installation this you experience more faster operational area like browsing, hardware speed, installation and these all things can improve your battery life time. You can also download any heavy upload themes and wallpaper and don’t worry about the bugs or any other reported issues.

You can also experience different when connect galaxy s3 to T.V via connecting cable.

There are lots of extra features that you will be required for running swiftly. I don’t know about any official cue of installation this Rom cause to avoid warranty. Make sure and concern about your vendor.

Before installing this, you have to learn more about how you can recover your data through CWM recover mode. This tool working only during flashing, so make sure if you are going to root SGH-i747 than CWM recovery won’t help you.

Here are some things you need to remember;

• Battery of galaxy S3 Must be fully charge or up to 70%
• Make sure all security tools are disable, because sometime they appear as a hurdle in your way.

You can jedi invasion Rom galaxy s3 and essential add-on by clicking below this.

You can Download ROM and additional applications.

I recently write a post on "update Samsung galaxy R to android 4.0" same methods apply here for updation this.

How to Update Samsung galaxy i747 to jedi invasion rom Firmware

The process is just simple if you do it before rooting, or updating any device. First resort your data via connecting Galaxy s3 through USB port to system. After that cut-off your device from pc and reboot SGH-i747 via three golden buttons. First wipe the previous android data and then install jedi invasion from SC card.

After this procedure restart Galaxy S3 and wait for 10 minutes, so that system automatically install new program. You are running Samsung galaxy on android 4.1.1 based jedi invasion rom.


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