Friday, March 22

Final fantasy 3 is not a new name for gamers, still after more than twenty years kids are just mad about this game. In the beginning the game was only for Nintendo but released for android apk and play station in the beginning of 2012 from the time its rating have touched thy last sky. The game final fantasy 3 is a mixture of its two previous parts with some more developed graphics auto targeting function and addition of new characters.

Final Fantasy 3 APK:

The basic game story starts which an earthquake in the village when the three young orphans came up there to save this place and well trained by the wise man of the village. They went for the search of reason of earthquake after the order of the elder of this village and blessed them with his tremendous power to set back the valley and their survivors too. Now the game begins when the four orphans ran away in search and to set back the balance of their origin where they have been born.

The adventure begins when they four warriors find out the world lies away from its boundaries. They found out Noah their enemy is trying to possess the crystals of light and cloud of darkness makes them this happening. They have to stop them with their warriors to do so.

Final Fantasy III Updations:

Chose your favorite characters and keep moving ahead by vanishing your enemies with the help of latest weapons, there will a an energy level of your character which will decrease after every hit by your enemy either it kicked you or you get a bullet fired by another character. You just need to save your man by holding him in safe place keeping on fire on your enemies. Suppose if you been hit by your enemy and the energy level of your man is less than 20 percent than you just need to move ahead in search of the power which you can generate by eating some hidden food, (in drums or baskets) just hit them get your food and increase your energy to went back to battle.

After the release its two previous versions when final fantasy hits its latest version there was not any game like it in the market and it was the only king in games. Now if you are looking it for your android phone than I must say this game will take you in past your childhood if you have ever played in your childhood. The game final fantasy 3 apk came up with latest weapons and armors for your android, if your enemy is stronger than you than its obvious his weapon must be more efficient than yours, kill your enemy and took his weapon this will help you to stay survived in this part to get reached to next one.


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