Tuesday, January 29

Resetta stone Error 2123 is happen, when you are upgrade your particular Mac or PC.Some users experience 2125 error during running on this on Mac or PC. If you also experience that message, than consider some important steps in to your account.

This one is most popular program used some big private or government companies for understanding different languages. Although it’s very expensive software and some government agencies like CIA and FBI using this for training their staff about understanding of various countries languages.

How to Fix Rosetta stone error 2123

This one is simple shortcut missing effort, users got in trouble when they re installed software or upgrade to new version. Mostly user just updates their version without deleting files on desktop. Remember that, you have to delete all shortcuts before up gradation.

After update to new Resetta stone replace old shortcut to new one in your desktop or anywhere you added. After this you run this one easily without any trouble.

How to fix Rosetta stone error 2125 on Mac and PC

Just find Rosetta stone file on C (where you installed) and change rename to tracking.db3.bak. After this restart your PC and re-change to default .Now after change file name to default restart Rosetta stone and your problem has been fix.


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